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Thanks for racing with us for 100 seasons! Here’s to 100 more! As a celebration, we wanted to do something special for the community! Here’s your chance to vote on which Lamborghini car with a cool livery gets awarded to players who’ve earned 500K individual RP (not Crew RP). Thanks for racing with us!  

Here’s what you need to know ✍️

  • Keep an eye on our social channels to vote as a community for your favorite Lamborghini (A or B) in the comment section. 

  • To receive the community chosen Lamborghini as a gift, you will need to have achieved 500K individual RP by 29th April. We believe in you, you got this! 
  • If you already have the chosen car, you will be gifted 25 yellow elite parts
  • The car will be gifted on the 30th of April and will be available in your inbox to all those who achieved 500k individual RP by the 29th of April

How to earn more individual RP? 

To get 500k personal/individual RP – you will need to do lots of racing! especially live races or Showdowns, collect cars and upgrade them over the season! 

  • Live races: p.s tier 5 live races can win you up to 1000 RP. So, lookout for those! 
  • Showdowns
  • Fitting fusion parts
  • Upgrading car 
  • Completing daily goals 

What else is up for grabs?

  • Top 100 Crews – Ferrari Monza SP1 Prize Car (increased from top 10)
  • All Crews above 8 Million  – Ferrari Monza SP2 Milestone Car (decreased from 20 Million)
  • More rewards from the season milestones

Good luck racers we know you can do it! 

If you have any feedback or would like to see any new features introduced to the game join the CSR2 discussion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to let us know what you think! 

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